Simply point your iphone toward a fish you want to identify, et voila!
It couldn't be easier.


The Id Me iPhone App. can now identify 15 species.
And it runs up to
15 frames a second!


Time to release of the Id Me iPhone App.: 
1 year
Or less, if you can help us.

The ID Me Project was initiated about two years  ago, and is now online!


What is the Id Me Project?

The Id Me Project aims to replace signs placed near tanks in aquariums with unobtrusive interactive systems.

The Id Me Project is to identify fish species--present in aquariums--automatically,
and to indicate to aquarium customers facts
and characteristics about fish they are interested in.



Why the Id Me Project?

Have you ever tried to identify fish species from a set of fish images (often placed near tanks)?

Sexual dimorphism, or age-related changes always make it difficult. Similarly, many species look alike and its really difficult to know what species you're looking at for a non-specialized public.

The Id Me project, and its application is designed to help you identify fish species, and learn lots of interesting facts about the rich--and yet not that famous--underwater world. 


What is already done?

The projects currently takes the shape of an Augmented-Realitysmartphone application,
mainly because it does not require to set up underwater cameras in aquarium tanks, which may be expensive. 
As depicted above, a simple application is already implemented. And it works!




Check out the two following videos presenting an early version of the iD Me Project application!




First, point the iphone towards a fish. The application automatically finds the fish, and identifies the species, as shown here! Once the fish is identified, a picture of the species appears on the bottom of the screen. 




What is to be done?

The Id Me Project deals with databases of pictures of fish, algorithms, iPhone development, and so on.

The iPhone App. is currently under development, and, although it already works great, we still have to improve its stability and performance, in terms of accuracy and execution speed.

As regards fish-image databases, a large number of pictureshas been collected for 15 species . The more species the Id Me project focuses on, the more images are required! Please visit this page if you think you can help the project.

Finally, developing new algorithms for image processing and pattern recognition is a really challenging task, which never ends...


Here are some links to websites we recommend for the quality of their contents. The Enoshima aquarium, in Japan, also supported the project by allowing us to take pictures after the closing time of the aquarium.

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